The R-Series Pro Steering System by Gorilla Customsis the culmination of over two years of research and development. It was designed side-by-side between Gorilla Customs and engineers from a top Nascar Sprint Cup team to provide a professional training solution for drivers and a highly realistic product for the competitive simulation markets. Its custom fabricated steel frame construction, durable machined parts and powder-coated cover provide an extremely rigid unit that can withstand private and commercial use. 

As is the case with every product that Gorilla Customs manufactures, we do not strive to create units that have money wasted on flash or items that do not enhance the performance of the product. We focus instead completely on functionality, effectiveness and durability. The R-Series cover design is nothing more than a cut-out of a race car dash panel which is not meant to do anything more than be effective. However under the cover is a groundbreaking tensioning system that utilizes pneumatics and fluid dampening and each movement of the wheel is captured by a 4096 steps of resolution main-board with a separate communications board also integrated into the unit. Configurable with a wide variety of genuine racing wheels and quick release systems...the R-Series wheel is a true professional solution for drivers, sim enthusiasts and cockpit manufacturers that want what no other wheel on the market offers...a tension system that can replicate virtually any style race car and withstand the rigors of the racing environment. 

This unit is fabricated 100% at our Mishawaka, Indiana facility...right here in the USA. 

With the compression and rebound adjustments our proprietary tensioning system can be adjusted to within grams of the tension that is dispersed from virtually any steering gearbox to the drivers hands. Graph data gathered from real world racing vehicles in comparison side-by-side to data gathered from the R-Series Steering System prove that it can be adjusted to precisely and accurately simulate the steering tensions in virtually any style race car.

As the wheel is turned input resistance drastically increases but at the same time the return back to center replicates the rebound resistance that is common to a real car.  Most systems on the market use springs that are pulled or compressed to create tension. The pulling of a spring creates a highly un-realistic return to center and inadequate input resistance felt by the driver, which is what separates the R-Series Steering System from the rest of the pack. The R-Series Wheel can be turned to full lock and if you let go of the wheel it will center itself smoothly and cleanly just like in a real car. 

Another great feature of the R-Series is that unlike the consumer level and professional units on the market that use springs and gears to create tension, which wear out over time, our tensioning system incurs virtually no long-term wear.  Over a long period of time if the resistance feels different, simply check the air pressures in the pressurized aluminum reservoirs with a tire gauge and if it has decreased you simply pump a little more air back in with a tire pump or air compressor.

·         Input Resistance adjustable up to 185 lbs

·         Up to 80 lbs of Rebound Resistance

·         Fluid Dampening is used to reduce soft spots at top-dead-center and add proper tension while driving straight 

The electronics behind the R-Series Pro Wheel includes a high fidelity main-board that allows for 4096 steps of precise resolution. The separate communications board allows the Racing Electronics Push-To-Talk button to be connected to your main PC or a separate PC for maximum connect-ability. The high fidelity main-board and additional communications board combined with our tensioning systems translates into smoother lines with less over-steer, more consistent car control and massive mod-able expandability.

·         12-Bit Main-board

    o    Additional channels for optional button configuration or modifications

·         Communications Board

    o    Can connect to main PC or separate PC for in-race communications

    o    7 Optional buttons can be added

    o    Removable Racing Electronics Push-To-Talk button - Same as used in real race car

    o    8 Dash-Panel Buttons o    Brake Bias Knob on Dash Panel

·         HD Steering Axis Potentiometer

    o    4096 Steps of resolution

The genuine Schroeder Race Products quick-release system allows for easy removal of the wheel as well as changing to different wheel styles. The R-Series Pro Wheel can be configured with many styles of real world racing and sports steering wheels as well as a variety of quick-release systems. Optional paddle shifters are available for wheels under 13.5"

·         Configurable with a variety of steering wheels

    o    Schroeder Cup Wheel and Steering Pad: Sizes available: 15", 16" or 17"

    o    Momo Italy Racing Wheels: Click HERE for MOMO wheel info and pics.

    o    OMP Racing Wheels: Click HERE for OMP wheel info and pics

·         Prices are reflected during your configuration on next page.

·         If you would like a wheel that is not listed or have your own wheel you want to put on the R-Series Pro Steering system, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or call 574-968-6452 for more information or pricing.

---------Currently 14-30 Day Lead Time Required due to order volume